YOGA: Is it good for runners?

YOGA: Is it good for runners?

Yoga for runners is great because it helps to improve the physical and mental condition of people who practice this sport. It is clear that it is not one of the most practiced sports in Spain , but with the passage of time its practice has been consolidated, thanks to the benefits it provides for health. One of the benefits of yoga for runners is that it helps to channel emotions and contributes to the general well-being of people who choose to do yoga.

Benefits of yoga for runners
If going for a run is one of your great hobbies, when you discover the benefits of yoga for runners you will have no choice but to make room in your schedule. There are many reasons for this, but nevertheless, we opted for it because it increases running performance , improves health and prevents injuries. It is, without a doubt, something essential if you are a runner.

Although yoga is not followed by the masses, since the beginning of the last century, it has become popular and has thousands and thousands of followers who enjoy its benefits. And, it is especially good for runners regardless of their level. In fact, yoga is part of the routines of elite runners and, therefore, cross training routines have been created .

The physical and mental aspects of yoga are crucial to building muscle . And as we have indicated before, it can help prevent injuries as well as other complications. Apart from the above, it is important that you know that among the benefits of yoga for runners is the improvement of concentration. These reasons make yoga not only good for running, but for taking care of your health in general. And, therefore, it is very interesting to incorporate it into daily life.

Yoga characteristics
Yoga originally had the function of improving concentration. However, since it combines physical postures, breathing techniques, and meditation, it provides other benefits that are added to the physical ones. Also, you should know that there are many types of yoga. Among them, the most popular are the following: Ashtanga yoga, Yoga Bikram, Hatha yoga and Power yoga.

The first stands out because six sequences of postures are applied that link each movement with breathing. The second, also known as hot, consists of twenty-six positions and a sequence of breathing exercises. The rooms are heated to close to 40 degrees and have 40% humidity. The third type refers to any yoga practice that teaches physical postures. And, the fourth, is a more athletic yoga that is based on the first.

The type of yoga that each person practices will depend on different variables. For example, the experience you have or the willingness to attend more or less relaxing sessions. Yoga can become intense. It is best to try different yoga classes to find out what is right for you.

The best of yoga for runners
The benefits of yoga for runners respond to the interest of science to establish the academic bases that the studies support to add yoga as a part of the training routine of runners. Yoga has been proven to help improve runners’ readiness for performance and overall health. Thus, preliminary research from the American Heart Association , published in 2019, suggests that three hot yoga classes a week for twelve weeks provide important benefits for the heart.

Hot and temperature yoga stands out because it can help lower blood pressure. And everyone knows that high blood pressure can cause complications. Among them, heart failure, a stroke or sudden cardiac death. Therefore, reducing these risks is highly positive for brokers.

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