Why are Newly-Built Custom Homes More Eco-Friendly?

Newly-Built Custom Homes

From reducing heating and cooling costs to prioritizing environmental performance, the popularity of new homes is on the rise. Have you ever wondered why newly-built custom homes are more eco-friendly than their counterparts? The primary reason for the inclination of home buyers to invest in new houses is that they come loaded with eco-friendly features.

The custom home builders in Salmon Arm are also bent on designing sustainable dwellings as they are gaining momentum. Homeowners today are keen to personalize their properties with eco-friendly features more than other aspects. Before you know why the new homes are more environment-friendly, you need to understand the credentials that make your house sustainable. Here is what you need to know:

  • Has the house been built using sustainable materials?
  • Is it energy-efficient or net zero?
  • Is it built to last and reduce maintenance expenses?
  • Does the outdoor space support biodiversity?

Once you get the answers to your questions, you would know why the houses built today are more energy-efficient.

Why are new homes more environment-friendly?

The new homes today are planet-friendly, and it is primarily due to growing environmental concerns. From using sustainable technology to high-powered insulation and the inclusion of various eco-friendly materials, the reasons could be many why houses today are more eco-friendly. Check the points below to understand the reasons in greater detail.

·        Sustainable Buildings

The efforts of a majority of construction companies in BC are minimising waste and energy usage when constructing new homes. Never in the past may you have come across such vehement efforts. Home builders today are using recycled products and eco-friendly building materials. With over 70% of developers and builders prioritising sustainability as their motto during construction, you will get an opportunity to invest in a sustainable building when you buy a new home.

·        Energy-Efficient Homes

Reducing the heating and cooling cost is what most home buyers aim for when investing their hard-earned money. If you are living in a home that is poorly insulated, you will experience a new way of viewing brand-new homes that function on smart and advanced technologies. That is why they are keener to invest in contemporary homes where heat loss can be minimised to a great extent. Similarly, the newly-built homes stay warmer during the winter season due to an envelope of insulation.

If you are also anxious to invest in sustainable homes, consult with Hindbo Construction Group Inc to discuss your requirements. With considerable experience,  they are one of the home builders in Salmon Arm to build for you a house where the net cooling and heating cost comes down to a minimum during the summer and winter months.

·        Getting Materials from Local Suppliers

When building a custom home with eco-friendly features, the suppliers from whom you get sustainable materials need to be within a reasonable distance from the development site. That way, it will be easier for you to reach them and rely on experts for whom you have obtained the best reviews.

·        Quality Assurance

Buying a home is often a lifetime opportunity for many people and they need to have their reasons justified when investing a huge amount of money. From adding insulation to reducing the wastage of money on heating and cooling bills, the energy-efficient concept offers quality assurance related to the sustainable features included in them. Apart from having proper insulation, modern homes have high-quality fixtures, appliances, and fittings that align with the sustainability principle. But not every home builder can be called competent in this regard. You need to check whether the builder has received approvals for eco-friendly houses.

·        Solar Panels

The newly-built custom homes leverage natural energy to ensure that everything inside remain in top working order. Accordingly, many of them are investing in solar panels that harness the sun’s energy to supply power to homes. Harnessing the sun’s energy helps in reducing energy bills.

·        Thermal Windows

You are aware of how significant is the role of the window in making your home energy-efficient. With thermal windows that leverage natural daylight, your home is going to stay warm even without turning on the appliances. Homebuyers are familiar with the energy efficiency of thermal windows installed in modern homes and are naturally keener to invest their money in newly-built custom homes.

·        Water-Efficient Homes

Modern homes come loaded with plumbing features that aim to reduce the flow of water and ensure that water wastage is prevented. When buying a new home, and consulting with custom home builders near me, you need to determine whether the modern home you are planning to invest in is water-efficient. Are you also trying to buy a new home with eco-friendly features? Do not feel bogged down with the high rates of eco-friendly houses but enjoy the added benefit of living sustainably.

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