What’s a Hotel Phone (PBX) System and Why is it Important?

Hotel Phone (PBX) System and Why is it Important?

The hospitality industry depends on customer experience and customer satisfaction.
Communication plays a vital role in improving customer experience and also
attaining operational efficiency. Hotel phone systems (also called Hotel PBX
Systems) provide a primary means of communication between guests and hotel
staff, and also between staff members.
It is therefore important for businesses in hospitality to invest in effective phone
systems to improve customer experience and stay ahead of their competitors. Hotel
owners are shifting from legacy telephony systems to more effective and responsive
systems that ensure your guests; expectations are met and your staff communicates
effectively. This article explains what a PBX system is and its different functionalities
for hotels, and provides a guide for choosing the best provider for your hotel.

What is a Hotel Phone PBX System?
A hotel PBX system is a communication network that allows for live communication
between hotel guests and staff, as well as between members of staff. PBX refers to
Private Branch Exchange and is a privately managed communication system utilized
by several businesses in the hospitality industry. With the hotel phone system,
guests can call up room service, schedule wake-up calls, manage check-in and
check-out as well as other functions.
Legacy PBX systems typically feature analog hardware connected via buried
telephone lines and managed on the hotel premises. However, modern technology
has provided wider options and more functionalities.
Modern hotel phone systems can either be hosted (cloud-based) or on-premise.
Each of these systems has its benefits and drawbacks, so it is essential to know
more about them before choosing one for your hotel.

How Hotel Phone PBX Systems Work

Beyond just making and receiving voice calls, modern PBX systems feature devices
connected via ethernet that can carry out several other digital functions. These
systems ensure seamless communication from rooms to the front desk and other
departments in the hotel.
With a modern hotel phone system, if a guest makes a speed dial call to the front
desk, the guest's name will be displayed on the phone interface for the front desk
personnel to see to aid personalized greetings. Modern systems also allow the front
desk personnel to reroute calls to other departments, automate wake-up calls, and
carry out several other functions.
Modern hotel phone systems also incorporate voice assistant technologies like hotel
Alexa services to allow for a more robust and responsive communication strategy.
With such voice-activated systems, guests can easily order room service, order
valet, control lights, temperature, and blinds, or check out by just stating simple
commands in their room and without needed to pick up the telephone.

Benefits of Modern Hotel Phone Systems
Cost-effective Communication Solution: Modern PBX systems offer free calls
between extensions and even to numbers off-property. Unlike traditional call costs,
calls offered by these systems are much more affordable.
Flexible and Scalable: With modern PBX systems, its easier to scale, as you can
easily connect new devices to the system. You can also upgrade hardware and
software, as well as integrate new software into existing business PMS.
Improved Business Management: Most businesses in the hospitality industry use
PMS software to manage business operations such as bookings and room service. A
good hotel phone system integrates with existing PMS and allows business
operations to be managed efficiently.
Less Staffing Issues: A robust communication solution in a hospitality business
might eliminate the need for additional staffing. Therefore, investing in the right hotel
phone system might save you money on staffing and even offer a streamlined
solution to customer service.
Improved Customer Service: Robust systems offer many benefits to guests that
can greatly improve customer experience. With voice-activated assistant services
like hotel Alexa services, guests can be served in many different ways without even                                                getting up from their beds. Happy customers are great for business, as they will
become repeat customers and provide recommendations that will increase

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