We can / VOX, are they the same?

We can / VOX, are they the same?

The polarization of Spanish politics has increased in recent times. With the (almost) disappearance of Ciudadanos, the center looks like a dispute between the PSOE and the Popular Party . Podemos and VOX remain at the extremes . But… is Podemos and VOX the same within the fields of the left and the right ? The question is complex , I will give you my opinion in the lines that follow…

I’ve been mulling over this blog post for several days. Specifically since I saw a video from the YouTube channel of the video blogger Majes en Moto . I put you in background.

I have been a biker for a few years now. Ever since I bought my first motorcycle (a Hyosung GT125 Comet ) I have been poisoned by motorcycles . It’s a risky activity, I know. I try to be careful.

Riding a motorcycle has become one of my main hobbies . I have met a lot of people , I have learned sports driving at the Jarama Circuit and I do not forgive my annual Madrid-Galicia-Madrid trip .

Like any other hobby, YouTube (and other platforms) is full of very interesting content . I follow a good number of motorcycle channels . One of them is that of Majes en Moto , highly recommended to keep up to date with the world of two wheels at a rather user level. In addition, with a touch of humor that has made me hooked on its content for years.

But the fact is that the video that this blogger uploaded on February 3 of this year took a different turn from the topics he usually deals with. He started talking about thorny issues , like his salary and his ideology.

I think it’s great that he did it, eye. I’m not going to criticize that. On the contrary, I think it’s something that shows his courage . We live in a free country where people can speak, with respect and without inciting violence. And Majes is an example of this. So if you read me, dear road companion, I’m sending you some Vsss .

But what left me a bit fly was the fact that in this video Podemos and VOX were put on an equal footing . As if it were two options -rather extreme and protest- that can be interchangeable . Of course, interchangeable for “users” left or right.

It’s something I don’t agree with . And, as I have already said, I have been simmering this disagreement until I could not take it anymore and I have come here, to the blog, to share it with all of you .

It must be clear. My thesis is that Podemos and VOX are not comparable . And I do not say it from my ideological militancy. I am a rather left-wing person , I do not hide it. But, above all, I also believe I am capable of making a more or less calm analysis of issues such as the ones that concern us.

With the conservatives it happens to me a bit like with the fans of the Futbol Club Barcelona (I am a Madridista): a good part of the people I love the most are from the right and/or from Barça . And that’s not why I stop esteeming them… On the contrary, I love that my close people don’t think like me , both politically and in football.

Having made these personal appreciations, let’s return to Podemos and VOX and my refusal to equate them as two extreme alternative voting options to the traditional Spanish bipartisanship.

Podemos is a formation, as you well know, to the left of traditional Spanish socialism , represented by the PSOE, currently in power. I would say that it is the heir in importance of Izquierda Unida , although with some important nuances .

Podemos has a more assembly look (from 15-M? ) alien to the traditional link of the IU with the Spanish Communist Party (PCE). Therefore, I would say, I don’t know if a bit, as well as lightly, that it is a more post-materialist party .

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