Visit the Guggenheim in New York, what you can’t miss

Visit the Guggenheim in New York

You have to include the Guggenheim Museum in New York on your must-see list when you visit the Big Apple. Both for the works that are inside and for its unique architecture. You will not get tired of taking photos.

As I was saying, this is one of the museums that cannot be missing from your roadmap. In this city are some of the most important in the world. Today I’m going with you to visit the Guggenheim in New York . In a few hours you will be able to see his essential works with this guide that I have prepared for you. I hope you enjoy it.

On my first visit to the Big Apple, I wrote a post about New York museums . I also did one of my favorite solos, the MET . Now I wanted to focus on one of the great attractions for tourists who come to the city. If you want to buy your ticket here is the link . You can also buy a New York Pass , which includes this museum and a hundred other attractions. Also the New York Explorer Pass and the New York CityPASS .

If you have already started preparing your route through NY, you may have been looking at hotels. This point is one of the most difficult. Accommodations are not cheap and finding one with good value for money can be difficult . I dedicated a lot of time to this search and I assure you that I was absolutely right with the Graduate Roosevelt Island . It is very well located, on an island between Queens and Manhattan, and has amazing views of the skyscrapers. I liked their large and comfortable rooms. It has breakfast service and cafeteria. In addition, it is very well connected with public transport.

Before continuing with the visit to the Guggenheim, let me tell you about a very important aspect that you should take into account on your trip to New York: take out travel insurance. I no longer travel without it, especially if my destination is a country like the United States, where healthcare is private and prohibitively expensive. I travel with Mondo . For me, it is the best travel insurance .


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