A move is always stressful because of the number of tasks and things to do that it involves, but the first one is usually the most complicated of all, especially because of the emotional part that involves leaving our house of a lifetime.

And while the expectation of being independent and having your own home with your own rules and schedule is exciting, facing living alone for the first time brings many challenges that will be easier to tackle if we’re prepared.

On this occasion we share some tips for your first move to be successful:

  1. The basic point is to determine your budget. Beyond paying rent or a mortgage, living alone involves many expenses that you should consider before taking the plunge, so you’ll be prepared for what’s to come. We are talking of course about rent or mortgage, deposit, maintenance fee and payment of services such as water, electricity, electricity and internet; You must also consider the cost of food and the basic pantry. Of course, you should not forget to calculate the cost of the move itself: transportation and packaging.
  2. In your initial budget you should also include the cost of furniture, appliances, linens, kitchen utensils, etc. But before you launch into a shopping spree, think about what things are essential to start your independent life. If your budget is limited, you should avoid making unnecessary expenses that put you in debt; Take a good look at what furniture and appliances are essential for the operation of your home.
  3. Once you have your budget set up, you can dedicate yourself to looking for your first apartment or house. Take it easy so you can explore different options to find a space that meets your needs, budget, and lifestyle. Pay special attention to the location, security, the space you require, if it has parking in case you need it, if the area has accessible public transportation, how close it is to your work, and if there are shopping centers in the area.
  4. Hire all the basic services before you move in; contact the providers of water, electricity, gas and even the internet in advance so that everything is ready for use as soon as you arrive at your new home.
  5. Make sure you have the essentials for your home. If you are starting your independent life, perhaps you do not have too many household items, but there are some things that are basic, from a bed or mattress, bedding, towels, shower curtain, personal hygiene products and cleaning products for the house, toilet paper, lights, plates, glasses, pans, cutlery and if possible a microwave. These items will make your life easier.
  6. Don’t let moving day surprise you without having prepared everything you want to take to your new home. The ideal is to start several weeks in advance so that you have time to make a selection of the things that are really worth taking with you. The move is a good opportunity to get rid of the things that you do not use, donate what is useful and discard what is no longer useful. And when the time comes to pack, do not despair, in our blog you will find these Tips to organize your move.
  7. Plan the move. You must decide if you will make the move or if you will hire a company that will take care of everything. Also, prepare a list of things to do both in the days before and for the day of the move; A list of the things you need to have on hand on your first day in your new home will also be very useful.

Other tips that may be useful for your first move:

  • Read the entire lease agreement before signing it. It is very important that you know the conditions imposed on you to rent the property.
  • Change the locks as soon as possible, as there is no way for you to know how many people have the keys to the property. So, for security, it is important that you change the locks even before you move.
  • On the day of the move, wear comfortable clothes and shoes and prepare a backpack with food and drinks and other necessary things such as medicines.
  • Arm yourself with patience. Keep in mind that moving involves a lot of physical work that you probably won’t finish in a day, so don’t stress if your new home isn’t ready right away.
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