The place that women have won in the Real Estate sector

The place that women have won in the Real Estate sector

International Women’s Day is celebrated every March 8. A date full of tributes and commemorations, which is inspiring to take a look back in time and analyze how female capacity has challenged areas reserved for men and how, from that innate strength, their contributions have been part of the evolution and maturation of the construction industry, the real estate sector and related activities.
Women have taken a preponderant role in recent years. The activity of women in the real estate sector has been strengthening, but without a doubt there is still a lot of work to be done.

Traditionally, the industry is considered masculine and there are strong entrenched barriers, prejudices and stereotypes. In management positions, women are underrepresented and, in truth, having women on a board of directors guarantees the reception of diverse ideas and more accurate decision-making.

The truth is that, for 30 years, real estate companies were run by men; today reality is other.
What characterizes them is empathy with the client, permanent listening, the ability to manage and train constantly. The contributions that women make in the sector have to do with sensitivity and the ability to generate empathy with customers. Being able to connect from trust and demonstrate constant improvement, achieved through training and professionalization in a world that, until a few years ago, was only for men.

Currently we can say that 50% of management positions in all sectors, including real estate, are already held by women. In addition, their participation in the construction industry has also been increasing.

For years there have been false beliefs about the activities that a woman can and should carry out, within which only taking charge of the home and family predominates, but the reality is different, since it has been shown that they can be in charge of teams multidisciplinary and run companies, even in areas that were considered “exclusive” of men, such as finance, architecture, stock market , real estate, among others.
break prototypes
There is talk of a change of cycle and it is also estimated that women will be able to access better places in the field of work in the construction, projection, decoration and marketing of homes.

Teamwork for a common good allows creating a kind of empowerment and synergy among themselves.

Although it still costs, due to the machismo present in companies, but the only truth about this is that everything is earned with professionalism and dedication.

The woman’s goal is to be in the architectural history books, and for now they are on the right track. Until a while ago they hid them, and now it is common for women to appear in talks, seminars and participate just like men.

The woman is already very inserted in the world of real estate, but it needs to spill over into others, in the commercial area 80% are women. It would be very interesting if it spreads to all areas.

In this framework, the great challenge that is glimpsed in the field of construction transcends gender borders: rather, it is about strengthening teamwork and achieving effective results based on the contribution of each professional, from their capacity and training. permanent.

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