The importance of real estate ontological coaching

real estate ontological coaching
real estate ontological coaching

It is a process through which each individual applies and deepens their self-knowledge , revalues ​​their quality of life and achieves their most cherished goals.

From the Real Estate Blog , we spoke with Gabriela Scilipoti , an ontological coach specializing in relationships , who told us the following: “From this practice, we work on being, doing and having. Being is where the transformation occurs, it is how we are looking at the world, our observer. How we choose to think, and according to that we act, which is the “do” and the “have” are the results we obtain.

Gabriela is dedicated to work that concerns relationships, being also a coach in the Municipality of Las Heras, and an executive coach, using what is relational, organizational, team, project and productivity. What is even more interesting is the work that she develops as a real estate coach.

“The real estate business is relational. Sometimes people think it’s just about property and it’s actually a relationship . So we work on the agents to develop how to be productive, which is different from productivity . In being productive, it is like an iceberg where the 20% that is seen is hard productivity, all that is numbers, but there is 80% that has to do with emotions, because we precisely work with owners, with different emotions, with needs different, frustrations, fears, and therefore, we emphasize managing time, energy, listening and oratory . It is connecting with people, the confidence that can be transmitted when making a sale ”, recounted the coach.

“We develop all these skills through personal self-knowledge , which is why we say that the key is not to focus on what happens to us, but on who we are in the face of what happens to us, who we are in the face of what we know how to do. It is important to work on this development so that it can be highly productive ”.

Today, coaching has become a tool that allows us to wake up. It is a discipline where the bases are the questions, which transform us, mobilize us, take us out of our comfort zone, and allow us to decide. Distinguishing to decide , that is the key. Where we are, what we are doing, why we do what we do, how we do it.

“There is talk of letting go and sometimes we wonder how we let go. That is what the tools of empathy and forgiveness are for, since we are a kind of suitcase, where all those resources are already within us. And we learn that our life is a process, and that, to reach those results, enjoying the process is the key. That is what nourishes us, gives us that learning and we can distinguish through coaching, which helps us to listen to ourselves, an active and empathetic listening, where there is a presence so that the path can be found and discovered. And to accompany in the part of the action, to support until seeing the result”, expressed Gabriela.

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