The Best Career Options That Canadian Teachers Can Pursue


Are you currently exploring new career options as a teacher?


Are you looking for an alternate career path with the experience of teaching?

Then Canada is a great choice for you to search for a job. Canada’s education system is one of the most excellent ones in the world. But with time, the need also arises for skilled and trained teachers and alternate roles in the field of education. Therefore, we are here with a guide to help you choose the best career for teachers or in the educational sector of Canada. Thus, keep reading and exploring.

Level Up Your Career Path: Some Successful Career For Teachers In Canada

If you are thinking of choosing teaching as a career path in Canada, then it’s a great deal. Not only immigrants but also local people desired teaching and educational jobs. As a matter of fact, these positions are high-paying and beneficial ones. So if you plan to apply in Canada, first, you must fulfil the eligibility criteria for those jobs. After that, you have to update your CV according to the skills and duties required for the positions. And for this purpose, you can take help from various online sites offering Canadian resume writing services. These sites have all the knowledge about the do’s and don’ts of resumes, which can increase your chances of getting a job. When your resume is ready, you can now apply for the below career options as a teacher.

Kindergarten Teacher

Are you good at mingling with kids and handling them?

If yes, then you will be a great candidate for this role.

Kindergarten teachers assist the children from the level of playschool to Grade 7. In this teaching option, you have to cover the core areas of students, like reading, arithmetic and writing. Besides that, an instructor also has to teach extra curriculum activities like music, sports and many other subjects. We have discussed some of the kindergarten teacher’s key roles below:

  • Prepare lessons according to the given curriculum and guidelines
  • Prepare and take assessments, and after that, mark them
  • Check and analyse the progress of students and discuss it with the parents
  • Incorporate activities to promote students’ physical and social development

There are various kindergarten teacher jobs available in Canada. And all you need is a bachelor’s degree in education, a provincial teaching certificate and past working experience in school.

Online Tuition

If you are not comfortable working at schools or colleges, then you can also benefit from online tutoring. There are various students that require a tutor to study and understand concepts. And few people prefer online classes other than physical ones. Thus, for these kinds of people, you can provide an online tutoring service. But it will help if you are skilful and experienced enough at interacting and teaching students online. Canada has a lot of online teaching jobs; all you need is to explore them. There are various online Canada websites where you can freelance your teaching service. Or you can join a school and take online sessions. Moreover, you can work as a private tutor in several subjects like maths, English, history or language.

School Counsellor

If you are an excellent teacher, then you can surely jump into the role of school counsellor. A school counsellor is a professional who supports students academically and also in their development for current and future careers. Their responsibility is to analyse the interest and performance of a student and guide them accordingly. They also instruct students about how they can improve what they are lacking. Moreover, school counsellors also interact with teachers, parents and administrators of students for their evaluation. For this role in Canada, you will need a master’s degree in education and proven experience in dealing with students. You can take help from the online service providers for teacher resume Ontario to make your CV eligible for this role with teaching experience.

Education Assistant

If you don’t want to give lectures and teach students, then you can work as an education assistant in Canada. It is an excellent and a new career for teachers. Sometimes it gets hard for professors to deal with all the stuff, and that’s where the teaching assistant jumps in. These professionals support teachers and counsellors in the matter of students’ behaviour and personal development. There are a number of teaching assistant jobs available in Canada.

If you are planning to apply for any one of them, then you have to fulfil the below duties:

  • Work closely with the teachers and counsellors for student’s betterment
  • Interact with individual students and analyse their performances
  • Prepare lessons and methods for teaching under the guidance of professors
  • Help students with assignments and build soft skills
  • Overlook students on field trips and during various co-curriculum activities in school

So, if you are able to deal with these responsibilities and possess a bachelor’s degree and proven work experience, then opt for this profession.

Foreign Language Teacher

Are you an expert in speaking your native language?

If yes, then you can use this skill of yours as a foreign language teacher in Canada. There are a lot of students who want to learn a new language, or some of them are struggling to learn a native language. So you can assist those students by teaching them communication skills and helping them enhance their linguistics. As Canada is full of massive foreign people and cultures, that’s why there are many international teaching jobs available there. You are required to submit a proven work record with a certificate in the expertise of that language.


Canada is a great choice for employment if we talk about a career for teachers. Teaching is a high-paying profession in Canada. And other than teaching, there are numerous other options available there, like the head of the department or school principal. So if you have the skills and ability required for these educational professions, then pursue them.  Moreover, if we talk about the quality of life, then Canada ranks in 3rd place around the world. So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss these career paths in Canada. As a matter of fact, as an immigrant, it’s not just an employment opportunity but an option to level up your lifestyle. Thus, if you are thinking about migrating to another country, then choose Canada. We tried to cover a few options for a job as a teacher in Canada. Hence, there are a lot of growth and employment opportunities there. Moreover, you can also work remotely or in flexible working hours in Canada. So don’t delay, or avail the benefits as soon as possible.

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