Key factors in fat loss

Fat loss is a process that depends on several basic fundamentals of the body. There are four basic factors , which do not imply rigorous diets or overtraining routines. Any transformation that we want for our body requires that we know how it works in the face of certain actions. However, it is essential to have the support of a specialist. Not only to specify a correct training plan; also, to elaborate a nutritional planning according to the needs of the organism.

Currently, there are many methods designed for fat loss. Generally, very common protocols such as the application of rigorous diets or changes in lifestyle are recommended. Likewise, when you are a person with obesity and have tried various techniques without results, it is very common that you are advised to treat your condition as an addiction. However, although approaches abound, the key is knowing how your body works and how to achieve your goal without subjecting the body and mind to complex processes. As this is one of the most transcendental issues today, Eurofitness presents you with the key factors so that you keep them in mind from now on. Keep reading!

Fat loss: what are the key factors that will allow you to achieve it properly

The human body works in a specific and complex way. To understand it, it requires discovering the functions of the internal systems and the interaction with the external elements that it requires to continue operating. Losing fat should not be seen as an easy process, in reality it is a long road that requires the mental disposition to achieve the goal. To do this, you have four essential factors that produce a reduction in body fat, in a natural and healthy way. Let’s see what they are.

Fat loss begins with energy balance
The first factor to lose fat properly is related to the so-called: negative energy balance . That is, what is commonly known as caloric deficit. This is based on a logical foundation that establishes that: if you want to reduce fat, you have to consume fewer calories than the body uses daily. For this, it is essential to have the guidance of a specialist in sports nutrition. At least to lay the foundation for a healthy diet designed to achieve the goal.

Protein as an essential pillar
A balanced diet needs the integration of healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, fiber, grains and proteins. However, in fat loss this macronutrient plays a leading role. That is, it helps to increase the effectiveness of physical training, favoring the development of muscle mass. To have a concrete idea of ​​what protein is for , it is necessary to explain that there is a huge difference between losing weight and losing fat. The first is due to the reduction of muscles and liquids, mainly. Therefore, a decompensation of the organism occurs. Instead, amino acids affect body recomposition. So the results are healthier, lasting and more aesthetic.

anaerobic training routine
If you want to achieve effective fat loss, anaerobic exercises are your great allies. The aerobic routine helps to preserve muscle mass, but it is the high intensity that will make it possible to lose fat and tone the body at the same time. In these cases, it is important to have a personal trainer with whom you can execute a balanced training plan or one more in line with your conditions.

effective rest
It is useless to follow a healthy eating regimen, loaded with proteins of high biological value, apply the caloric deficit and train daily, if you do not have an effective rest. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep is just as important for fat loss as all of the key factors described above. Sleep restriction or resting less than 5 hours alters the metabolic balance. Therefore, it affects the increase of visceral fat in the abdomen. Furthermore, under this condition lipids do not volatilize but are stored, generating greater volume in the body.

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