8 foods that can hinder your sleep

We are not discovering anything new to you when we affirm that not enjoying a restful rest on a continuous basis ends up taking its toll on your health. Insomnia  is known  to make us resistant to insulin and predispose us to  diabetes . Likewise, it increases the risk of suffering from  hypertension  and  cardiomyopathies , without forgetting that it reduces our concentration and alters our mood. To avoid this, it is convenient to know which  foods make it difficult to sleep , pay attention to the temperature and humidity in the bedroom, opt for light dinners and eat them at least 2 hours before going to sleep.

8 foods to make it difficult to sleep

If you follow us, you will know that at Eurofitness we always advocate leading an active lifestyle, with a recurring presence of physical activity, and a  varied and balanced diet , adjusted to your condition and the needs that your routines require. Food  is one of the pillars on which we must support our health, since its impact on the quality of life is direct . Similarly,  sleeping well  is essential so that food is properly metabolized and the body can regenerate. But what foods are incompatible with rest?

1. Strong stews or stews

As obvious as it may seem, legume-based spoon dishes accompanied by offal or fatty meats, such as lamb, are not advisable for dinner. In addition to adding calories that we will not be able to burn while we sleep, they are not very tolerable for the digestive system.

2. Sausages

These are processed foods with a high percentage of salt and fat, which do not favor sleep conciliation. Not all people are equally sensitive to their consumption, but, as a general rule, they are foods prone to producing  heartburn and gastric reflux .

3. Fried and ultra-processed

They are hypercaloric, since they tend to accumulate a lot of oil. The chemicals and flavorings used to make them so palatable make them an unhealthy food resource, rich in empty calories and prone to glucose spikes. It is therefore not surprising that if you take them with dinner, you wake up in the middle of the night needing to eat.

4. Spicy foods

Due to its  thermogenic action , spicy foods cause a sudden rise in body temperature and activate metabolism. Despite being suitable for weight control diets, precisely because they contribute to a faster burning of calories, they are not indicated for dinner. Digesting them can be difficult when we try to sleep.

5. Sweets, foods to hinder sleep par excellence

Its sugar concentration stimulates brain activity and inhibits sleep conciliation. They lead to glucose spikes that, as you know, are synonymous with nocturnal hunger awakenings. In the case of chocolate, it has been found that, in addition to containing traces of caffeine, it provides  theophylline , which is a substance directly related to sleep disorders, since it affects circadian cycles.

6. Raw fruit

Do you think eating only fruit for dinner is healthy? Abuse of this type of food provides you with a high dose of fiber, fructose and water. Therefore, you may not get uninterrupted sleep. In addition, raw fruits, as is the case with vegetables in their non-cooked version, are indigestible. Citrus fruits ,  in turn, add to this inconvenience their high acidity, being poorly tolerated by some people, and generally not recommended to take before bed.

7. Refined flours

From Eurofitness we recommend that you opt for wholemeal flours instead of white and refined ones. They will help you prevent glucose spikes and take advantage of their slow-absorbing carbohydrates. You will sleep much better. If you suffer from constipation, you will see it mitigated by the hand of its high fiber content.

8. Foods that hinder sleep: stimulating drinks

Caffeine, theine and alcohol are substances that stimulate the nervous system and are counterproductive if we want to rest. Alcohol, in turn,  dehydrates  and negatively interferes with many of the organic processes that take place when we sleep. For this reason, accustoming the body to the nocturnal consumption of this type of substance favors premature aging.

As you can see, certain foods have their effect on the body modified depending on the time of day in which we eat them and can be considered  foods to make sleep difficult . This is the case of fresh fruits and vegetables, always healthy, which should be moderated at night. Do not neglect hydration, try to eat 5 meals a day and move to enjoy greater energy and vitality. If you want to be informed about a  healthy lifestyle  , stay faithful to our blog. At  Eurofitness  we care about your well-being.

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