5 extreme sports that (maybe) you like

At Eurofitness we are always interested in offering healthy and fun alternatives to sports. As part of this spirit, we want to talk to you about some  extreme sports  that you can practice if you want to feel the adrenaline bug. These are accessible extreme sports alternatives, which can be practiced in our country in a simple way. If not, you can always find a place to practice sports with the best professionals in our  network of gyms in Barcelona .

1.- Extreme sports: surfing

The first option we want to talk about is surfing. A sport well known to all and that has gradually spread its use in Spain over the years. You just need a neoprene suit to practice it and a surfboard. It is one of the most interesting extreme sports since it combines the enjoyment of the sea with the sensation of adventure sports . It is another way of enjoying the sea: something that can be done in the province of Barcelona in particular and in Catalonia in general along the numerous surf centers that exist in our geography.

2.- Skydiving

Another of the most interesting alternatives within extreme sports is skydiving. It is a very affordable sport that gives enormous satisfaction. At the beginning, when we are not experts, we will go with a monitor who will guide us in the jump . The sensation of adrenaline release is incomparable and, in most cases, whoever tries it ends up repeating it.

The reason is in the enjoyment that it offers when jumping from a plane in height, seeing how we descend and how the ground approaches. At the same time, we can experience the sensation of the air against us as well as unrepeatable views: from a bird’s eye view, so to speak. Its price is quite affordable and it can also be practiced in many parts of Catalonia.

3.- Canyoning, an interesting option among extreme sports

Canyoning is another of the most interesting options among extreme sports. A helmet and wetsuit are required. It is an activity in which skill and risk of the moment are combined: it consists of climbing to a height and jumping into different pools or simply letting yourself be carried away by the current of the river . It is a sport that gives a lot of satisfaction as long as it is practiced by professionals, in known places where the depth of the river or the sea on that surface is known.

4.- Kayak or canoeing

Kayaking or canoeing is the fourth of our alternatives among extreme sports. No prior knowledge is required since, if we are beginners, we will start with the calmer river courses. In them we can develop ourselves until we gain some practice. All we have to do is get into the kayak with our neoprene suit (to protect ourselves from the cold temperature of the river) and enjoy the experience rowing.

Generally, for those who have just started, a single kayak for two is available. In this way, the one in front is the driving force and the one behind is directing the direction. A very fun activity that can be practiced individually, in pairs or in a group. Without a doubt, one of the most fun that can be done outdoors.

5.- Snowboarding

The last of the extreme sports that we want to talk about is practiced on the snow. However, it is another of the most interesting alternatives because it allows us to start without risk. Indeed, in the different facilities of ski resorts such as Baqueria , in Alto Aneu, it is possible to enjoy slopes of various levels. Nor is it necessary to have the equipment : it can be rented on the spot to enjoy from the first moment for a very reasonable price.

For the same reason, it constitutes another of those complete sports with which it will actually be easy to get in shape. The reason is that many muscles and joints are used, so it can be very beneficial for our body. By the way, it is a good excuse to spend a day in the snow alone or with others. We can always enjoy the views and the landscape while we “surf” on the snow.

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