How are you going to perform at work if you haven’t had breakfast?

The  importance of breakfast  cannot be separated from work performance. In fact, some days it seems like the clocks in the entire office have stopped. How to overcome this discouragement and make time fly? With the right routine at work and at home, you can make sure every second flows smoothly .

Have a healthy breakfast

Many times it is not the work that is terrible or slow, but  our head, which does not support us to the fullest . To start your day with enough energy to keep going,  start with a healthy breakfast . Forget the croissants and  donuts  that send you into a glycemic crash before noon. Or pta, alternatively, for protein-rich foods; we talk about eggs, lean meat and whole wheat bread .
Also try not to drink too much caffeine. A cup of coffee in the morning is fine , but three over the course of the day could throw you off when you hit the night. And, if you don’t sleep at night, the working day will be long and exhausting.
If there is something that  should not be missing to start the morning off right, it is breakfast . And so it should be; virtually all of the scientific research in this world, as well as professional nutritionists and personal trainers, suggests it to you.

The importance of breakfast, something so important and vital

Breakfast gives your body  the energy boost it needs to get going . In addition to finding the strength you need to face a new day . Because if you are one of the people who does not eat breakfast in the morning, it is a good idea to start now.
But, if you are a person who already does it,  you can always make an effort to eat things that you like,  but that are healthy at the same time.
Another relevant aspect is to have a relaxed breakfast, if you can. One where you sit comfortably and continue to contemplate the new day.
However, breakfast is the weak point for us Spaniards. We tend to prefer it sweet, fast, on the counter, standing up, without calories or protein . Just enough to have some energy until mid-morning.
This can be an opportunity to eat a healthy breakfast, taking advantage of those extra minutes we can get if we get up early anyway.

If you have already tried to make breakfast at home

At work it is not easy to eat what you really want in the morning. Also,  it’s hard to make yourself a bowl of chocolate milk with a slice of toast …Of course, there are other options available, but in those cases you usually opt for a croissant from the bakery on arrival, or that sort of thing. Hence the importance of having breakfast before going to work, to avoid arriving at work with a rumbling stomach.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ; if taken correctly , it should provide the body with a quarter of the daily energy needs. It is wrong to skip it, as it is also wrong to skip any of the other meals of the day, as we already discussed in this  article .
Eating breakfast is also essential to recover after the long “fast” of the night. Therefore, sustenance is a priority when we get up.  Breakfast provides energy to the muscles and the brain: it gives the body the nutrients it needs to carry out its daily tasks, whether mental or physical . Consequently, breakfast is very substantial for children and necessary for everyone to start the day off right.

The consequences of forgetting breakfast

If you don’t eat breakfast, your body is forced to draw on its reserves. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to experience certain unpleasant effects such as:
  • Hypoglycemic crisis .
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • You feel fatigued.
  • You do not feel good.
The importance of breakfast to go to work or school is indisputable,  if you want to perform well, that is to say 100%. From  Eurofitness  we want to encourage you not to skip breakfast, since it is essential for performance, whether physical or intellectual.
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