Clever and Compact: 7 Small Wine Storage Solutions For Your Home

Wine Storage

For every wine lover, the next best thing would be collecting bottles. Unfortunately, not all wine aspirants have the luxury of space to get big wine cellars. Thanks to wine racks that work equally well for smaller abodes. Luckily, recent times have witnessed some creative wine storage racks that are a perfect fit for homes with limited space.

Whether you are a casual drinker or a wine aficionado, storing your bottles perfectly is important to retain the taste. With plenty of innovative and stylish wine racking systems, here are ideas to pick when storing wine in small spaces.

1.     Consolidate Space with Wall-Mounted Wine Racks

Smart ways to store your bottles in small homes are artfully-created wall-mounted racks. It works excellently for walls with little sunlight exposure, a condition needed to protect the quality of wines. Such ideas are not limited to functionality but the best way to showcase your collections beautifully and save floor space. The price of a custom wine rack may vary, depending on the design. So, ask your wine cellar maker in Houston, Texas about the average prices before you decide.

2.     Repurpose Your Old Furniture for Wine Storage

You may have come across fantastic ideas to store wine but an amazing option would be repurposing your old furniture. That way, you will already have a readymade thing that the experts need to turn into a racking system. Make sure you measure the furniture to avoid squeezing the bottles forcefully. Imagine turning an old shoe rack into wine storage. All you may have to do is position the storage option in a suitable place. Place the bottles horizontally to prevent the cork from drying and warping.

3.     Create a Built-In Bar

Creating a built-in bar with custom wooden wine racks would be an excellent addition to your kitchen or dining area. With this, you will have a designated area for wine bottles along with barware and glasses. You can keep the storage open or closed, depending on your preferences, and create a perfect combination of style and functionality. If you are in Houston, Texas, and need a practically-designed wine rack for a small space, connect with Wine Cellars of Houston. They have been into designing wine storage since 1998 and have been delivering in different cities in Texas.

4.     Use the Dining Room Server

Ever wondered how the dining room server may come to help with storing wine bottles in your small apartment? Well, it is a brilliant option and the storage spot would be in the same place that you choose to stack the table linens or extra dishes. That way, you can use the top of the server for pouring and mixing drinks.

5.     Tabletop Rack

Are you researching wooden wine rack options for small spaces? Turn your head toward a small and utilitarian tabletop rack for storing your bottles. But if you have a pretty large collection of wines, a great idea would be to segment the collections into separate spaces. Accordingly, you can have tabletop storage for some other place or the living room specifically. Make it tastefullydecorated and turn it into a cornerstone of your living room.

6.     Diamond Cube Rack

If you think that a diamond cube rack is not fit for small spaces, think again. Not only is it an excellent storage option but looks like a sculptural element wherever you install it. To add more forage to this uniquely-shaped wine rack that comes with individual slots for storing the bottles use stunning wallpapers as an interesting backdrop. You can mount this rack on the wall and save a lot of space instead of those large and free-standing home wine cellars.

7.     Small Wooden Storage Boxes

Looks like a giveaway or a gift but wooden storage boxes for storing your bottles are indeed a practical idea. You can have a few boxes but take care to place them away in cool dark corners of the dining area or the kitchen. The boxes are space-saving and stackable and the best part is that you can move them around with ease.

Although there is nothing like a home wine cellar stacking your bottles neatly, the ideas above apply to storage options for small spaces. One of the advantages of using wooden or metal wine rack is incorporating them on the sides of your cupboards, near the entryway, or inside the closet. Just remember to keep your bottles accessible for easy usage.

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