Cleansing Diet: everything you need to know

Influence your mood

Tired of dieting and not seeing results? Many times, we opt to restrict certain foods without having the advice of a nutritionist. And we are unaware that by introducing small changes we can obtain better results (accelerate cytosis, achieve a substantial improvement in our energy level, sleep quality and skin texture). The  cleansing diet  is an excellent ally to achieve all these benefits. In this Eurofitness entry, you will discover its keys and how you can easily integrate it into your day to day.

Cleansing diet, what it consists of and benefits

Popularly known as  a detox diet,  its  objective is to contribute to the deep cleaning of the body. That is, it favors the effective elimination of waste and toxins that the body accumulates as a result of stress, the incidence of free radicals, a poor diet or lack of sleep. The liver, kidneys and intestines are the main guarantors of such elimination.

It is a diet with a clear predominance of foods rich in  antioxidants , such as fresh fruits and vegetables and algae  , as well as those that provide us with high doses of fiber and hydration. Specialists recommend doing it at least twice a year, despite the fact that it would be ideal to implement it  with each change of season . People with liver, kidney or heart conditions should consult their doctor first.

Its duration varies, and it is advisable to adjust it to the needs and condition of each person. The stricter it is, the more limited its duration should be. For example, now that Christmas is approaching, you can reserve 3 days before the big celebrations to focus your diet on foods that accelerate diuresis. If you think it will be easier for you to cope with  cravings  after Christmas, put it into practice in January.

Strengthens the immune system

An organism free of toxins is stronger and can better cope with harmful external agents. It has been proven that the cleansing diet  lowers the incidence of allergies  and food intolerances.

Remodels the silhouette

By prioritizing foods with a high percentage of water and low in saturated fat, the body can free itself from retained fluids and resort to fat deposits to undertake its processes. It is natural that after 5 days of cleansing diet you have lost volume and weight.

speeds up digestion

Flatulence, the feeling of heaviness and constipation subside, while nutrients are better metabolized by the body.

prevents overweight

It contributes to improving eating habits and prevents overweight and its complications in the medium-long term.

Influence your mood

Do you know the so-called  gut-brain axis ? There are numerous studies that show that  intermittent fasting , which is a cleansing diet modality, improves the quality of the microbiota or intestinal flora. In addition to strengthening defenses, it allows us to rest better, feel more vital and even more optimistic.

slows down aging

This diet slows down aging, since the organs are better prepared to counteract the deterioration caused by free radicals to which they are constantly exposed. Externally, the skin appears smoother, more even and supple. When starting the diet, acne and redness are often exacerbated, but they subside after a few days when the skin has completed its contribution to this cleansing.

How can I go on a cleansing diet?

It is logical that now that you know the benefits of this diet you want to put it into practice. All you have to do is plan how many days you want to practice it and focus your intake on fresh fruits and vegetables, foods rich in fiber, such as whole grains and legumes, and white meat and fish. Do not neglect hydration and  consume 2 liters of water a day . If it bores you, try infusions of green tea, red tea, horsetail, etc. which, in turn, will enhance the diuretic effect.

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