Can you lose weight on the treadmill?

Can you lose weight on the treadmill?

One of the most recurring questions on the web is whether you can lose weight on the treadmill . This machine is a staple for training routines; however, it is only one tool among a variety of strategies that you should use if you want to achieve a proper body weight. In case of following a structured program, the treadmill is included in the warm-up, in the interval exercise plan , and as part of the cardio session.

To lose weight on the treadmill, you must be aware that it alone will not make you lose the sizes you want to lose. It is required to develop a training plan in which this machine is an essential part. Likewise, you must complement exercise on the treadmill with a strategy of healthy eating , hydration, and adequate rest periods. Only then can you see the results in a relatively short time. In case you don’t know how to start, at Eurofitness we can help you.

Lose weight on the treadmill: Yes it is possible! Find out how to achieve it
With the help of a good personal trainer, you can design a training system that will allow you to lose weight on the treadmill. The difference between this and jogging on the ground is that the machine induces you to maintain a specific pace and speed. On the other hand, when you do it in a traditional way, the tendency is to be inconsistent in these parameters. Therefore, since there is no effort, the burning of body fat is lower. Effort and perseverance is what makes you lose weight, correctly and quickly.

Start your process with continuous career
One of the keys to lose weight on the treadmill is continuous running. And it is that when the same speed is maintained for a specific time, the organism produces energy from the available calories, and then proceeds to burn body fat to sustain the physical effort. In this case, it is important that you review the gym guidelines with your trainer to make adequate progress .

The continuous run on the treadmill is a method that is often used when you are starting out. Thus, the time and intensity of it should increase as time goes by. So that the effort and caloric expenditure are increased. It works to improve physical condition, but also, as a preamble to routines of greater physical wear.

Get ahead with interval training
Another key to losing weight on the treadmill is interval training. This is an essential method after a few weeks of continuous running. With it, you avoid falling into a routine, and it will give you a positive psychological effect. In general, it consists of alternating periods of effort and high demand, with intervals of low intensity. The time investment is less; however, the caloric expenditure is significant.

In this case, there are interesting options. The HIIT training method is one of the most demanding, and it is very effective when it comes to losing body fat and defining muscles. Establish a routine with your trainer according to your physical condition and resistance, and you will see how in a short time you will see the results.

Tips before starting the training routine to lose weight on the treadmill
Many times the mistake is made of starting directly on the treadmill after a few brief stretching exercises. And the truth is that this is an unhealthy way to start a training routine to lose weight on the treadmill. The main thing is to do a complete stretching and warm-up activity. The reason? To lose body fat you need to be consistent, and an injury could prevent you from doing so. As you stay consistent and follow a healthy diet, you will see how the treadmill helps you quickly meet your goal.

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