7 Benefits of directed activities | group sport

Guided activities  are  one of the most interesting alternatives for those who want to go to the gym to practice a sporting activity. There are many reasons to practice them: for this reason, we want to talk about just a few of them below. We remind you that you can find your center by consulting  our network of gyms  in Barcelona.

1.- Facilitates perseverance because they are scheduled training sessions

One of the benefits of directed activities is that, being programmed, they make it easier for us to commit to them. We will have a monitor who will be the one to guide us through the exercises and most likely the one who will be able to motivate us in a special way. With this, we will attend more easily and without missing the appointment precisely because we would like to meet with our monitor and our colleagues. This facility to create a habit makes it easier for our body to adapt to it and to do an exercise routine.

2.- We feel that we belong to a group

Another of the advantages of directed activities is that, when they are practiced in a group (usually), they generate in us a belonging to a group, to a class. Having companions always makes our effort easier to bear. Likewise, it encourages us by making us set joint goals each week.

Not to mention the benefit of being able to make new friends and have a much better time than if we did the activity alone. In the case of being a class guided by a monitor, we will also enjoy the bond that is created between the two.

3.- Increase training personalization

When a group and a routine associated with it are created, the customization task is also passed to the monitor. This, as the lessons develop, will introduce specific exercises or routines for the evolution of the person who practices them: regardless of whether it is a single student or a group . These exercises keep pace, for the same reason, our own evolution in training. Thus, we can benefit from a “personalized training” that will be, for the same reason, much more effective than a generic one.

4.- It is generally cheaper

Another of the undeniable advantages of directed activities is that they are usually cheaper. If it is a group, we can benefit from the discount given by several students at the same time. Therefore, it is also a more affordable way to exercise while being more fun.

5.- Great variety of exercises

When guided sports activities began, there was a scarce offer. Aerobics or fitness classes are well known ; however, there is currently  a wide range  of guided classes. This means that we have a wide range at our disposal that will always make it much easier for us to find the one that best suits our preferences. There are now also some new disciplines and some  new types of training  that can be a lot of fun.

6.- They can also be done outdoors

Another advantage of guided classes is that they can be held outdoors and thus enjoy the good weather when there is. Therefore, they are an alternative group activity that is always more fun.

7.- We can benefit from mutual knowledge

By having companions or simply by sharing time with our instructor, we can exponentially improve our knowledge. This is because when there are several people doing the same exercise, they usually collaborate with each other to improve. Indeed, knowledge, material and experience related to the sporting activity that we are going to carry out can be shared.

Guided group activities are also an excellent stimulus  for competing with our classmates  and allowing everyone to give the best of themselves.

We hope that all these benefits will encourage you to try guided activities for yourself. They are an excellent option to socialize, play sports and be healthy in a pleasant way. At Eurofitness you can find the best professionals and the best facilities; everything ready to make you give the best of yourself. We recommend that you follow us on social networks  so you don’t miss any of our exercise routines. Also consult other tips to take care of your health and remember to also take care of your mind along with your body.

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