Benefits of becoming an HGV Driver

an HGV Driver

Do you ever think about how you can become a heavy goods vehicle or Large Goods vehicle driver? When choosing a career path is a very big decision and also it is a good practice that you need to look at in every aspect, the job role. When you search for the local job pages then you need to look for a change of career and also there is a good chance that you will find a large number of driving vacancies that offer you a good salary and hours and also suit your needs and requirements. So, why not apply for them if you have not passed your LGV driver Training and an HGV Driver Training then you should get assistance from a reputable driving company. You should get trained by reputable instructors and they will be able to provide you with the ultimate training package.

In this article, we have explained some of the benefits of becoming an HGV driver:

1: Constantly growing industry:

The demand for logistics and transportation has been increasing over the years and also it is not going to stop soon. Some readily available products are required across many different industries and there is always a need for people to transport these goods. Thus, if you are looking for a long-term job with added security then an HGV driver or LGV driver is surely a good choice.

2: Stability and Security:

Once you obtain an LGV/HGV licence once completing your required tests then you will need to open yourself up to many driving opportunities and logistics roles. Building up your driving experience and getting certifications helps the driver to drive large vehicles and it will also increase your job prospects and will prove to be valuable when you are looking for employment.

3: Career Progression and Development:

Following the above points, the more qualifications you will achieve, the more experience you will gain and more the progress you will have in your career. So, there is a lot of room for growth and you still come across several challenges where the skills can be learned and improved. While having the ability to progress in your career you will offer a higher salary due to the required expertise.

4: Unlike any other job:

Becoming an HGV/LGV driver is the complete opposite of a 9-5 office job.  It has been seen that driving is always occupied and your mind is busy and engaged with the rules of the road. Also, you will get a sense of freedom when you are out and going on a different journey every day. You will also feel fulfilled whenever you deliver goods to the customer.

5: Variety and Diversity:

However, you will be driving for the majority of the jobs and you will be visiting new places every day. When you drive to different locations then the types of jobs that you will complete will also vary. Driving work can offer you different hours, distances, and workloads.

6: It saves money:

When drivers are involved in job crashes, then the employers are responsible for paying the bill and all those bills will be significant. It has been seen that motor vehicle crashes cost $60 billion each year in medical and legal expenses, property damage, liabilities, insurance claims, and lost productivity. Advanced behind-the-wheel training improves driver behavior and helps drivers to understand and mitigate the vulnerabilities that can put your company at risk.

7: Lower Maintenance Cost:

Better trained drivers can anticipate the actions of other drivers on the road and better position themselves in traffic so that they don’t have to stop and start as often. So, this results in less wear and tear on company vehicles. When you start adopting safe driving habits such as adhering to the speed limit, drivers less aggressively and maintaining properly inflated tires, fleets are also able to achieve better fuel economy and lower overall maintenance costs.

8: Happy Driver Employees:

When you engage yourself in a better driver training company then it means you are letting the drivers know that they are valued and what they do every day is important. As drivers start to become better at their jobs and learn how to work with traffic then they will have less stress and are more comfortable. Thus, the result is happier drivers and increased overall job satisfaction, and minimizes driver turnover. When you choose an advanced driving school or training program for your driver training then you need to make sure that your instructors have experience working with fleets and they understand the unique challenges faced by commercial drivers. The success of your training program will mainly depend on the instructor or the trainer who is presenting the material. Trainers must be able to convince experienced commercial drivers that what they are teaching you will ultimately benefit you and make your job easier.

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