Avika Gor opens up if the nepotism debate has benefited outsiders like her [Exclusive]

nepotism debate

In an exclusive conversation with BollywoodLife, Avika Gor, the Bollywood debutante of “1920 Horrors of the Heart,” delved into the ongoing discussion surrounding nepotism in the industry. She expressed her unique viewpoint on whether outsiders like her have truly benefited from it, highlighting the significance of talent and the influential role of writers and filmmakers in shaping an actor’s career.

The Controversial Nepotism Debate 

The debate on nepotism gained momentum when Kangana Ranaut appeared on Karan Johar’s show, “Koffee With Karan.” Referring to the filmmaker as a ‘flag bearer of nepotism,’ Kangana accused the industry of being a movie mafia. This ignited a passionate dialogue within the film fraternity and captivated audiences.

Avika Gor’s Take on Nepotism 

Drawing from her own journey as an industry outsider, Avika Gor expressed her unwavering faith in the power of talent. Even when she embarked on her career a decade or more ago, she did not possess a renowned surname. Avika attributes her recognition to her inherent talent and the success of her involvement in the acclaimed show, “Balika Vadhu.”

The actress acknowledged the instrumental role of writers and filmmakers in shaping the trajectories of actors, irrespective of their backgrounds. Avika firmly believes that whether an individual possesses a famous last name or stands as an outsider, their ultimate success rests upon their talent.

The Impact of Avika Gor’s Transformation 

Avika Gor created headlines with her extraordinary transformation. She candidly shared the challenges she faced during her weight loss journey, encompassing emotional struggles. Presently, she has raised her bar and actively engages in the South Indian film industry.

Nepotism in the South Indian Film Industry 

Avika Gor also shed light on the prevalent nepotism and the preference given to insiders within the South Indian film industry. She voiced her observations about how the industry tends to prioritize individuals with connections rather than solely focusing on talent.


Avika Gor’s perspective on the nepotism debate offers insight into the importance of talent and the invaluable contributions made by writers and filmmakers in shaping an actor’s career. While the debate has drawn attention to the issue, Avika firmly believes that talent ultimately prevails, regardless of one’s background. Her personal journey as an outsider reflects her unwavering determination and resilience to succeed based on her own merits.


Q1: Was Avika Gor’s recognition solely based on her talent? 

Yes, according to Avika Gor, her recognition in the industry was solely a result of her talent and the success of the show “Balika Vadhu.”

Q2: How did Avika Gor transform herself? 

Avika Gor embarked on an emotionally challenging yet ultimately rewarding weight loss journey.

Q3: What is Avika Gor’s perspective on nepotism in the South Indian film industry? 

Avika Gor believes that the South Indian film industry tends to favor insiders and individuals with connections, highlighting the prevalence of nepotism in that region.

Q4: What is the impact of the nepotism debate on outsiders in Bollywood? 

Avika Gor maintains that despite the attention drawn to the issue, talent ultimately prevails, allowing individuals to succeed based on their own merits, irrespective of their background.

Q5: What is Avika Gor’s upcoming project? 

The provided information does not mention any details regarding Avika Gor’s upcoming projects.

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