Artificial Intelligence Avatars: the new way to capitalize on brands

Today we are moving in a scenario where business services are becoming more frequent in the digital environment, increasingly without human assistance. In this last year and thanks to the popularity acquired by Artificial Intelligence, progress is also being made by leaps and bounds in the field of Artificial Intelligence avatars . These new avatars will look almost human and will be able to answer in real time all the questions that a user asks them.
Artificial Intelligence avatars are computer generated representations that simulate a human being. And if in the past, avatars were used mainly in video games, today, Artificial Intelligence avatars aim to lead social networks, online marketing, online sales, online training, online events and corporate communication.

1. Wehumans, the first Spanish initiative
An example of these human-shaped avatars has been created by Wehumans , a company owned by the Spanish services group Abai, which wants to transform online customer service with digital replicas of people.

Their avatars look like a person, talk like a person, and are even capable of carrying on a conversation and even joking like a person would. But they are not humans, but digital avatars created to serve online users. When a buyer has a problem with a product or service, possibly the first thing that comes to mind is contacting customer service. So it’s possible that he could get discouraged because he doesn’t have time to be on the phone waiting for an operator to help him. This can be solved with a human-shaped virtual assistant.
Wehumans is the pioneer in our country in the development of digital humans trained with Artificial Intelligence. Their creators promise that these avatars, endowed with natural voices generated by neural models, will offer a much more satisfying experience than current chatbots.
2. The AI ​​Foundation: the big industry to conquer brands
The AI ​​Foundation, a hybrid company/nonprofit organization, has partnered with creative studios Ventureland and Prettybird to launch an Artificial Intelligence Avatar Lab.

As explained by the company based in San Francisco (California), the new media lab has been created to help brands build digital experiences with users, through the implementation of avatars with human features capable of interacting with people. fluidly. Specifically, the lab will work with brands, creatives and celebrities to develop both avatars inspired by real people and non-existent ones. Initially, it will focus on the Travel, Fashion, Lifestyle and Sports verticals.

IA Foundation Avatar Examples
An example of this has been the launch by the IA Foundation of Digital Deepak , a platform based on Artificial Intelligence that allows users to meditate with the help of the digital avatar of the guru Deepak Chopra, very popular in the United States. This program employs natural language processing algorithms, which allow the avatar to mimic the guru’s speech and language patterns. The extensive database that this avatar has is made up of more than 90 books written by Chopra, which enable the machine to respond to questions and requests that may be raised.

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