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When we want to buy or build a house we automatically think about the quality of the materials, because we want our home to be safe, comfortable and beautiful.

One of the first doubts that arise is whether the construction will be better with brick or concrete block, since for a long time, the former was the predominant material in construction in Mexico. However, over the years the use of concrete block has become popular, due to the great advantages it represents.

If you have doubts about the use of concrete block in home construction, here you will find 10 good reasons to choose it:

  1. The use of concrete block reduces the time and costs of the works. Especially in houses built in series, they are a material that will reduce costs.
  2. Houses built with concrete blocks are more durable due to the quality of the material, which is highly resistant to fire and offers greater protection against phenomena such as hurricanes and floods and even earthquakes.
  3. The concrete blocks are manufactured with exact measurements and controlled specifications, since there are official standards that regulate each aspect of their production, which offers a greater guarantee of quality. The fact that the blocks are manufactured with specific measurements allows to know with greater accuracy the quantity that is required to build.
  4. In addition to common concrete blocks, special-shaped pieces are also manufactured that offer greater versatility in construction. We talk about half blocks, corner blocks, U blocks, textured blocks, and many more.
  5. Like brick, concrete blocks are a base material that can be painted or coated with a fine plaster to give the walls the finish that the architect and owner are looking for.
  6. By their design, concrete blocks allow electrical wiring and pipes to be introduced into the walls without the need to drill through the walls. Even the interior space can also be used to place vertical rebar.
  7. Houses built with concrete blocks can be energy efficient because their hollow design allows work on thermal and acoustic insulation, filling the interior of the block with specific materials for this purpose. By achieving good thermal insulation, you will reduce energy use in your home.
  8. A house built with concrete blocks has a more solid structure that will last much longer compared to other materials, which is a great guarantee for your real estate investment and the tranquility of your family.
  9. Although concrete block is typically more expensive, it covers more space than traditional brick, which will decrease the number of blocks and material used to glue them together.
  10. It will also reduce the cost of labor, because a block wall takes less time to erect. This will result in a decrease in total construction times, whether we are talking about a single house or a complete subdivision. 
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