Red brick is one of the most common construction materials in the Mexican market and this is due to its great qualities such as its resistance, durability, stability and versatility. On this occasion we present the characteristics of this type of partition and why it is a good idea to choose it to build your house.

  • The brick is made of clay that must be free of saline deposits to avoid long-term construction problems. In addition, during its preparation it is subjected to various processes so that it becomes a homogeneous and easy-to-handle mixture, as well as to eliminate any organic remains that could compromise the quality of the partition and, consequently, the resistance of the construction.
  • The type of material with which red brick is made gives it thermal properties, so it will help you keep the temperature of your home more controlled, providing greater heat retention in the cold season and keeping it cool in the hot season. . You will see this characteristic reflected in the energy consumption of your home, as it will allow you to reduce the use of heating and cooling devices.
  • Brick is also an excellent insulator against moisture and noise.
  • Due to their size and shape, bricks give great flexibility at the time of construction and can be easily adapted to the architectural design of your home.
  • In Mexico, the brick is cheaper than the standard concrete block, although its size is smaller so you will need more pieces to build a wall.
  • Precisely because a construction built with red brick needs more pieces and glue material, the wall will be stronger and more durable, so there is less probability of cracks.
  • One of its great advantages is that they are more resistant to high temperatures and even, unlike the blocks that are hollow, the walls made of brick present fewer cracks in the event of an earthquake.
  • Unlike materials such as wood, brick does not require constant maintenance, as it is very resistant over the years.
  • In addition, it is a material that insects such as termites will not mess with, which gives you greater certainty of the durability and safety of your home.
  • Another of the great advantages of red brick is that it looks good, even without a finish; even many builders resort to this material to give a rustic touch. In cities around the world, unfinished red brick housing has become an architectural hallmark.
  • But if you do not want to use brick as a finish, you can easily use other techniques that give your construction the design and finish you are looking for.

Finally, we share some recommendations to take into account if you want to use red brick in the construction of your house:

  1. Check that they do not have cracks or chips that could reduce their resistance.
  2. The bricks must be free of any plant material.
  3. If you plan to leave the brick visible, check that the faces that will be exposed do not have defects, cracks or marks of any kind.
  4. Make sure that your supplier has enough material to finish your construction to avoid delays and increased costs.
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