9 Vastu Shastra Tips For Placing Mirrors Inside Your House

Placing Mirrors Inside Your House

Mirrors are an integral part of our life. For most of us, not one day goes by without looking at ourselves in the mirror – be it while brushing our teeth or getting ready for work. But mirrors do more than you think. They not only reflect our looks so we can admire ourselves. They also reflect energy – negative and positive and create an environment that can make or break the Vastu of your home. Now you might be wondering how we can ensure the energy they reflect works positively for us. How can we see that the mirrors in our homes help create harmony for our family? After all, it will help us not suffer from hampered health, poor relationships and financial crises because of them. In this article, we will share a list of do’s and don’ts of placing mirrors inside your house. Follow these to ensure that the mirrors in your home, work in your favour.

Do’s (of Placing Mirrors In Your Home)

  1. Keep mirrors in the North & East directions of your space.

Ever seen a movie scene where the mirror turns into water when touched? Well, there is a reason. Mirrors represent the water element. This element is one of the core five elements – fire, water, air, space, and earth that control the energies in our surroundings.

The North-East direction belongs to the water element. That’s why North and East are the best directions (when calculated from the centre of the house) to keep any mirrors.

  1. Cover the South & West mirrors.

The South and West directions don’t have much positivity. If mirrors reflect the negative energy these areas have, the effect of the negativity will increase manifold. That’s why it’s best to remove mirrors from these directions. But when that’s not possible, you can cover them with a curtain or cloth. You could also keep them inside cupboard doors.

Use colours around mirrors as per Vastu.

Many mirrors have frames or border designs in some colour. Make sure these colours match the direction in which the mirrors are kept. For example, the mirrors in the North of your house can have shades of blue, grey, and black, while those in the East can have shades of green.

  1. Consult a Vastu expert if you want to use mirrors in Vastu remedies.

Mirrors are often used in Vastu remedies (for example, to remove the dosha of a cut-out or shaft). Since mirrors are powerful and cause harm when they are not placed properly, it’s best to talk to a Vastu shastra consultant. They will help you find the perfect directions for placing them, plus the size and the shape of the mirrors to use.

  1. Get rid of broken or damaged mirrors.

If you have a crack in any placing mirrors inside your house or they have lost their ability to reflect somehow, you should throw these mirrors as soon as possible. It’s because broken or damaged mirrors release negative energy. Also, keep your mirrors clean because dirty mirrors also emit unpleasant energy.

Don’ts (of Placing Mirrors In Your Home)

  1. Don’t keep any large mirrors in the South East to South West directions.

Firstly, these directions don’t have much positive energy that the mirrors can reflect. And we don’t want to multiply the negative energy in these areas. Also, experts say that having large mirrors in the South East could cause financial problems. And having them in the South-West can cause issues in your relationships.

  1. Don’t keep mirrors anywhere they will reflect the bed.

Whether it is right in front of the bed, maybe outside your almirah or at the false ceiling above, you should not have mirrors anywhere they can reflect the bed. It is believed that this can cause restlessness and poor sleep in those sleeping in the said bed.

  1. Do not use mirror frames in the wrong colours.

If you use the wrong colours in the wrong directions – be it on the walls, rugs, linen, or your mirrors, you are bound to experience their adverse effects. That’s why you should know which colours should be placed in which directions according to Vastu.

For example, don’t use red mirrors in the North-East or North-West as it will cause problems with the Water and Air elements of your house.

Don’t put mirrors on the outer walls.

Avoid placing mirrors on any walls that connect with the outside world somehow. These can be balcony walls, terrace walls, walls on the common staircase, or the wall right outside your home’s main door.

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