9 Tips For Those Who Have Difficulty Enjoying Penetration

Topic: Difficulty In Cumming

Topic: Difficulty In Cumming

You know that exciting scene, for many, seen in movies and series, in which the man kisses a woman intensely and penetrates strongly and she moans loudly enjoying herself, feeling a lot of pleasure… It almost doesn’t represent reality for women.

Reaching the peak of pleasure is difficult enough… Research shows that approximately 30% of Brazilian women never reach climax during sex. 

Yes, unfortunately out of 10 women, 3 never had an orgasm. 

Having an orgasm with penetration is even more difficult. 

About 80% of people with a clitoris need direct stimulation on the clitoris to have an orgasm. 

If this happens to you, who have never enjoyed penetration, know that you are among the majority. 

So relax, because there’s nothing wrong with your vulva. 

But You Want…

But if you have that desire to feel the sensation of an orgasm with penetration, if you feel that hot desire to imagine enjoying with your partner, with the possibility of having multiple orgasms, it’s really worth a try!

After all, you deserve to experience the most diverse forms of pleasure you want! 

This way you will know what you like most, which ones you want to intensify or even make a delicious “salad” of pleasure, interspersing moments and sensations.

I just recommend not getting “neurada” in this search, as this can cause the opposite result.

To help you, I’m going to share some tips for you to live delicious experiences with penetration.

Relax Your Mind

Make your body a playground! 

Identify all the points that give you pleasure, don’t focus on specific parts, relax your mind, let things flow.

Maybe at that moment that little voice comes in the head saying: “but things are not flowing…”.

So stop everything and reflect on how you have seen this situation, if this lack of fluidity is only connected with your behavior or the way your partner handles the situation.

In this case, it is worth evaluating how the dialogue between you is going. 

It is important to be completely honest with each other about how you are feeling, understand what gives you both pleasure, be aware that the woman needs more time to feel fully aroused. 

Having a relaxed mind is essential to increase your pleasure and the possibility of having orgasms with penetration. 

The head is everything, it is through the imagination that everything begins. 

Focus on what excites you, create the habit of thinking about sex, talking about sex, imagining situations.

This may seem like a simple and obvious thing, but for women it tends to be taboo.

But this behavior, this change in habit can be trained and little by little new behaviors and many benefits in the sexual area will be noticed. 

In short: The woman first enjoys in the mind and then goes to the body!

No Rush

For many, having a clitoral orgasm is no longer an easy task. 

With penetration it becomes even more difficult in many cases. 

So, no rush! 

Leave penetration for the end, for that moment when the woman is desperately wanting to get that feeling, you can’t just go there, sit down and enjoy… – let go and find the best way for you!).

Stimulate different areas of the body, play a lot with the clitoris, lubricate it well – wet is much tastier. 

Prepared mind? Now it’s time to pay attention to the body!

9 Tips For Enjoying Penetration

  1. Understand the anatomy – Understanding the anatomy of the vulva and vagina is very important, as this can increase the possibilities of pleasure when properly stimulated. Most people who have a vulva tend to have more pleasure at the entrance of the vagina, and at the beginning of the channel, in the first third approximately, including the spongy area in front of the wall of the vagina, the well-known G-spot. 
  2. Understand the clitoris – Understand that the clitoris is not just that little tip that appears. It extends internally, is between 8 and 9 centimeters. Internally, there are bulbs that fill with blood and swell when the woman is very excited, making the urethra and vaginal canal more sensitive for sex. When horny is at its peak, the woman feels not only the clitoris throb, but everything around it as well, increasing the possibility of orgasms. 
  3. Try different stimuli – Try different types of stimuli, how you like to be touched, if you prefer more or less deep penetration, etc. Find your sensitive zones and focus on them. Naturally this changes, nothing is static, and having a broad knowledge of your body you will be able to follow and benefit from these changes. 
  4. Combine stimuli –  Trying to combine stimuli is a great way to increase your possibilities. Vaginal stimulation with clitoral glans stimulation, added to penetration. Focus on just penetration for a while, then add clitoral stimulation again. Keep identifying at which moments you almost got there and repeat, interspersing the stimuli. 
  5. Gradually Decrease Direct Stimulation – Gradually decrease direct stimulation of the clitoris when you feel that you are almost there. At that moment focus only on penetration. This will take time, it won’t be easy to identify all these points in the first few attempts, but relax and experiment. The most important thing is to enjoy the process, the journey and not be focused on the final peak. Enjoy your amusement park. 
  6. Body knowledge –  You may achieve wonderful orgasms doing all this… Or you may not, because each person is unique. Now one thing is for sure… These attempts will bring you body knowledge with great possibilities of achieving what you want.  
  7. Find your ideal position – Identify the position you like the most. On top, legs together, on the bottom, with a pillow raising the hips, sitting, on all fours, etc. I recommend that you try them all and find your ideal.
  8. Knowledge is everything – Men tend to think that speed in stimuli is the best way to provide pleasure… But this is very individual. There are women who love intense clitoral stimulation and fast and deep penetration at first, but to reach orgasm they prefer smoother movements. Only knowledge will allow you to lead the pair at your own pace. 
  9. Practice – Practice alone, using a vibrator, stimulating with your fingers, masturbating using only penetration, identifying angle and depth, etc. The more you practice, the closer you will get. 
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