5 Design Concepts to Make Your Newly-Built Custom Home More Habitable

Newly-Built Custom Home

Is your dream home under construction? Like several others planning to build their houses from scratch, you too want to make your home stylish and comfortable. After all, there is nothing better than unwinding in your dream home at the end of the day. That is why, you not only need to create luxury designs for your home but ensure that those attributes make your habitat more livable.

One excellent option to finalise the design options for your newly-built home is working with home builders in Kelowna. That way, you can make your house more habitable and yet implement features that you envisage. Whether you are getting started with building a custom home soon or simply planning for your future, you must be aware of the trends. Combing and navigating the designs help you personalise your dwelling space better.

Here are a few design concepts to implement in new homes in Kelowna that make them a better place to live:

1.  Spacious Garage

You have always wanted to have a spacious home with a flexible design. But do you know that a spacious garage is one of the most popular upgrades that several homeowners are considering today? If there is adequate space, you can transform the space to accommodate more cars. Well, you might not own four cars ever but use the entire space for storage. Just give the garage floors an epoxy finish and make it an ideal storage option. The idea of constructing a bigger garage is a perfect option for homes with two kids and pets where homeowners prefer prioritising more storage space. You may have some other preferences to prioritise when building a new home from scratch.

2.   Creating a Big and Customised Kitchen

You cannot ever underestimate the functionality of the kitchen when building a new house. Considering the time you will spend in meal preparation, serving, and washing the dishes, you may spend more time in the kitchen than anywhere else in the house. So, you need to consider a big-sized kitchen and prepare a design plan that suits your needs. Next, you need to focus on customisations and it will be your world.  If you go by the trends, you must create a transitional area between the kitchen and the dining area.

That way, you can get the most out of the space and add flexibility to it for cooking and storage. But remember to design the transitional area in a way that permits easy movement and no restrictions. Once you plan the layout of the kitchen, customise the place with stylish countertops, microwaves, dishwashers, refrigerators, and whatever you want. If you want to create seating space in the transitional area for the guests, choose a big-sized kitchen island that will meet your storage needs as well. Several new homes for sale in Kelowna have customised kitchens with the latest features.

3.   Create a Wet Room

Wet rooms are picking momentum. Thanks to homeowners for fulfilling their urge of making bathrooms sleeker and more functional. That is where the idea of a wet room slips in. If you are wondering how a wet room can make your living space more habitable? Well, you can make the bathroom interiors more spacious as wet rooms feature open showers and bath areas. Are you ready to say goodbye to bath enclosures? Oh yes, supposedly, it may give you freedom from cleaning those enclosures and create a more open feel. If you are ready to create a wet room, discuss your plans with the experts of Bellamy Homes. They are one of the building contractors in Kelowna that have been around for 30 years building custom homes and know how to maximise the space inside the bathroom.

4.   Turn the Basement Into a Living Space

With home building costs soaring higher, first-time home buyers often consider turning the basement into a living space where people can reside. You can turn the basement into a rental unit and earn supplemental income. You can also add more space to the basement to make it like an apartment unit for guests or when you have additional family members staying in your house.

5.   Check the Underused Areas

Despite following the best plan for home building, you may still have spaces in your house that are underused. Why don’t you turn those unused spaces for creating a home office or maybe a separate entertainment unit? If you want to add luxurious features, create a custom wine cellar to add value to your home.

There is always a way to make your custom home more habitable for your family. You can go on adding custom design concepts, but make sure incorporating them will add value to your house and create more interactive experience between the family members.

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