Interior decoration is an art that goes from the proper choice of colors, furniture, accessories and personal details, but also involves things that we should not do and that, unfortunately, are commonly repeated when we design our personal spaces.

That is why today we present you the 10 mistakes that you should avoid when decorating your home.

  1. do not measure

Whether you plan to buy furniture, electrical appliances, carpets, blinds or decoration details, the first thing you should know (with precision) are the dimensions of your spaces. Choosing very large items will make the room look cluttered and flow difficult; but if you leave for very small things, the place will look empty. 

An important tip: in addition to the length and width of the room, you should measure the doors, stairs, corridors, corners and elevators where furniture or accessories in your home must pass.

  1. Choosing the paint color first

When you start a decoration project it is easy to be tempted to choose the color of the paint for the walls first, but this is one of the mistakes that you should avoid. It is advisable to choose the most expensive pieces (such as furniture) first and then the colors to decorate around it, after all the paint is available in thousands of colors and can be easily changed.

  1. forget the details

Probably the most common decorating mistake is neglecting details. But it is precisely those small fine touches that give cohesion to a design and create an environment with a well-defined stamp.

Leaving the walls bare will make the room feel cold and characterless. But be careful, it is not about hanging accessories without having a function or that do not flow with the rest of the design. You have to choose elements that fit and are functional.

  1. Go overboard with accessories

On the contrary, too many details always end up being an excess. The decoration accessories are elements that should be used with caution. They are important because they give a room character, but when we start adding one element after another, there comes a time when they become a decorating mistake.

The trick with accessories is that we add them little by little until one day they end up flooding a space. The advice to restore order? Remove them all and put back only half or better, a third of them; place them in different positions and you can give a fresh touch to the room without spending a single penny.

  1. very small rugs

A common mistake is to choose rugs that are too small. The matter is simple: all the main pieces of furniture should be on the rug. If this is not possible, at least the two front legs of the larger pieces must be on it; while all four legs of the smaller pieces should be within the area. For example, in a dining room both the table and the chairs should be on the carpet; but in a bedroom, the nightstands can be outside, but not the bed.

  1. Hanging decorative pictures too high

It is a common problem: hanging paintings and decorative pictures at the wrong height, usually too high. Art should be hung where everyone can see and enjoy it and where it can visually blend in with the other furnishings and décor in the room. The rule for placing paintings is simple: at eye level, with the eye in the center of the piece.

  1. Want all elements to “match”

Furniture sets may seem like a good idea when we don’t want to mess with design, but they can end up turning your home into something of a showroom.

The spaces in the house should show our personal style and that is something that is lost when we have a matching bed, dresser, side tables and headboards. To achieve better design results, it is preferable to purchase separate pieces that you like and that relate to each other, not that they are a “perfect match”.

If you already have a complete furniture set, you can divide the pieces into different rooms and complete the decor with items that coordinate, not the same.

  1. Hanging lamps too high

Hanging lamps or chandeliers too high is a mistake that will cause you a lot of trouble. By placing these elements very high you will be limiting the lighting in the room and you will have to resort to many complementary elements to supply the light that is needed.

  1. Place all the furniture against the walls

It is an error commonly caused by lack of space. As much as possible in your home, try to remove the furniture from the walls, in this way you will achieve a decoration that flows better and at the same time, you will create more intimate living spaces.

  1. Choosing style over comfort

Even if it looks like a cool piece for your decor, if it’s uncomfortable, don’t buy it. For a decoration to be harmonious and functional, the elements we choose must be comfortable; Before you buy, think about how the piece will be used and whether it will be comfortable to wear.

An additional tip: Curtains and blinds should touch the floor. It is preferable that they are longer and drag a little, but they should never be shorter as they cause the walls to look truncated.

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